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About Us
A sake born out of love, passion, and a good drink

It started in the mountains of Japan, where we had one of the best nights of our

lives. Surrounded by new friends from around the world, we were creating

unforgettable memories, all while drinking sake. The chef saw our joy and

appreciation of the experience and connected us to a brewery whose mission is to

spread the love of sake worldwide.

From there, we worked tirelessly with the brewery to find the perfect sake

for all drinkers to enjoy and celebrate life's highs.

Together, we created Sake High! with our mission to

spread joy and inclusivity through drinking sake.


We hope when you drink Sake High!, you too are

learning, sharing, and creating

new and unforgettable experiences

with the ones around you.

With love always,

Sake High!

Two cans of sake together


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Brewed in Kyoto, Japan.


Gluten Free, Sulfite Free.

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