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Five Reasons to Drink Sake High!

We chose our top reasons why Sake High! is our beverage of choice and why it should be yours too:

1. Clean Ingredients with Health Benefits

Sake High! contains high quality and healthier ingredients compared to most alcohols. Sake High! is a Junmai sake meaning it is pure. Junmai refers to pure rice (non-additive) sake. As a Junmai sake, Sake High! contains no additives or preservatives like sulfites or tannins meaning better sleep after a night of drinking and less Advil in the morning :) Our sake is as simple as rice, water, yeast, and koji. Other Sakes on the market tend to add other alcohols during the final fermentation process.

Sake High! is inclusive to most consumers of dietary restrictions like gluten-free and vegetarian diets. Our rice contains no gluten and has no interference with any animal products such as egg whites, honey, casein, or gelatin that are commonly used in some beers and wines for coloring or fining agents. So you know, most distilled spirits are vegetarian with the exception of flavored liquors, so be sure to always check the label. Sake in general is also a good source of many components that promote good health and beauty. Sake contains citric and lactic acid as well as probiotics that are beneficial for intestinal health by promoting food digestion. Sake contains plenty of saccharides and amino acids that are great for rough skin. Glycerol and the amino acids contain moisturizing elements that also inhibit melanin (causing sunspots, freckles, and age spots), ferulic acid (an antioxidant) which absorbs UV light and prevents skin aging. All these components contribute to a boosted immune system, improved heart health, and a healthier gut.

Packed with dozens of health benefits and an ABV 3x higher than most hard seltzers on the market right now, Sake High! is the next frontier for hip and health conscious drinkers!

2. A Sociable Drink for Legendary Moments

Sake High! is an inclusive and social drink option for everyone. Picture that night, you know, THE night, the one that you’ll always remember. The one that gave you your new best friend or changed your perspective on your life. Now think, what made that night so special? It wasn’t just a regular night. No. It was one where you broke out of your comfort zone and tried something new. That’s what Sake High is all about: trying new things and flying out of your comfort zone. Sake High!, a relatively unfamiliar drink to many US consumers, will give people the chance to socialize and enjoy life in a fresh and unique way. When you want to have that legendary moment, grab Sake High! to be there with you.

3. Versatile with Any Ingredient

Easy to drink and versatile, the mild rice flavor and fruity aroma of Sake High! pairs with all types of food, not just sushi! The brewing process of sake yields many amino acids from the starch found in rice grains that create the uniquely smooth umami aftertaste. The complexity and exceptional fragrance on its own or a cocktail complements many food flavors. Part of our mission at Sake High! is to show the versatility of Sake so it is consumed more globally at more occasions. Our favorites with Sake High!: el pastor tacos, santa maria style tri tip, a nice manchego or fig toast, and our co-founders' favorite: around a bonfire with their best friends making smores late night.

4. Options - in a Bottle or Can

Sake is great, most people enjoy the drink, but seldom drink it. And when they do, they rarely know what they are drinking or why they are drinking it in that way. Nearly all sake at the store is in wine-sized bottles with Japanese writing and descriptions, but we can’t always read them! Our 720ml Sake High! bottles are approachable and intriguing. Our bottles are perfect for a dinner party with friends or consuming throughout the week from the fridge (once opened, we recommend consuming within 30 days from the fridge to keep its flavor). For many novice customers, the bottles might feel like a bigger commitment, don’t worry! We also sell Sake High! cans in 4 packs of our 6.8oz cans for under $20. While it is technically more liquid than a standard alcoholic drink, it naturally feels like less of a commitment, since each can is only 6.8oz. Not sure how to drink it out of a can? No problem, scan our QR code on the can for ways to consume it or mix it with other ingredients for cocktails. Great for a pregame, drink at the beach, or camping, our cans have a far higher ABV with less volume compared to seltzers or beers that won’t bloat our customers!

5. It’s All About Love

Our mission at Sake High! is to bring inclusivity, joy, and new memories to US drinkers. It is best enjoyed as a group for celebratory occasions and life’s wins! With an ABV of 15% between that of beer/wine and spirits, Sake High! is the perfect drink to cheers all night with your special ones. We believe life is built on these moments and we want Sake High! to be there with you to embrace all of them. So next time you are getting ready for a party or a date of a lifetime, choose Sake High!

We can promise you that Sake High! is unlike anything on the market right now. Drink it with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Don't believe us? DM us @drinksakehigh and we'll prove it!

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